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Jasmine Woods Candle

Jasmine Woods Candle

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Mahogany, Cedar, and black teakwood with hints of jasmine, lily and rose

Walking through the forest exploring nature you feel connected to everything. The cozy blend of fresh woods with hints of blooming flowers will give your home a relaxed and refreshed feeling.  

These are the best scented candles you will find anywhere! They are long lasting, safe to use and rigorously tested!

Soy blend Wax with a cotton wick in a chic Matte Black Tin.

6 ounces net weight, 2 inches tall, 3.06 inch diameter

Burn Time 35+ hours (When burned properly).In our tests we have had this candle burn for 45 hours

This Candle is great for small to medium spaces. It has a wide scent throw to fill your room in less than twenty minutes.

Our Candles also make great gifts.


When you are finished burning your candle you can clean out the tin and use it to store small items. That way you can help the environment and continue to enjoy this chic tin
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