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Mud & Snuggles Kawaii Pigs Die Cut Stickers

Mud & Snuggles Kawaii Pigs Die Cut Stickers

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Introducing the "Mud & Snuggles - Sadie & Trixie Pig Sticker Collection," a set of adorable 2x2 inch stickers that capture the heartwarming charm of our beloved farm residents, Sadie and Trixie. These stickers are a tiny tribute to the big personalities of our first farm pigs, showcasing their love for belly rubs, their playful antics, and their cozy friendship.

Printed on high-quality, weatherproof, and waterproof sticker paper, each sticker is as durable as Sadie and Trixie's spirit of adventure. Whether they're adorning your favorite water bottle, laptop, or barn door, these stickers are sure to withstand the elements and spread joy.

Created with love and a touch of farm-fresh fun, each sticker from the collection offers a glimpse into the delightful world of our porcine pals. With every glance, be reminded of the simple joys of farm life, the tender moments shared with animal friends, and the unconditional love that fills every corner of our farm.

Bring home a piece of the farm's soul with the "Mud & Snuggles - Sadie & Trixie Pig Sticker Collection." It's not just a sticker; it's a small window to the bliss of belly rubs and the pure contentment of a pig in the mud. These stickers are not just for decoration; they're a celebration of the love and care that define our farm life.

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