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Memory Glow Personalized Night Light

Memory Glow Personalized Night Light

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Illuminate your evenings with a touch of personal charm using our "Lumina Memories" Custom Night Light Cover. Fashioned from high-grade material through 3D printing technology, each cover is a canvas for your cherished moments, transforming a simple photograph into a warm, glowing keepsake. Whether you opt for a photograph of a loved one, a pet, or a special memory, we ensure that every detail is captured in a soft, ambient light that’s perfect for your night-time comfort.

Each order comes with the night light too!

For those who prefer non-personalized options, our catalog offers a range of pre-designed images that can equally adorn your space with a gentle luminescence. Every "Lumina Memories" cover is designed to fit standard night light bases, making them an effortless addition to your home.

Please note, while non-customized covers can be returned if they don't meet your satisfaction, personalized night light covers are uniquely yours and, as such, are not eligible for returns. Gift yourself or a loved one this exclusive, made-to-order accessory that’s not just a light cover, but a treasure trove of personal nostalgia.

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