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Kawaii Pasture Pals Die Cut Sticker

Kawaii Pasture Pals Die Cut Sticker

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Meet Poppy & Petunia, the darlings of the pasture, now immortalized in our adorable "Pasture Pals Sticker Series." Each of these 2-inch stickers brings to life the playful spirits of our cherished cows, captured in a moment of their joyful frolics and tender interactions.

Crafted on durable, weatherproof, and waterproof sticker paper, these stickers are as resilient as Poppy & Petunia themselves, ready to accompany you through thick and thin. They're perfect for outdoor gear, water bottles, or anywhere you need a touch of farmyard happiness.

Created by me, each sticker in the series—from the solo portrait of a magnificent highland cow to the delightful duo of Poppy & Petunia in their lush meadow—is a celebration of the love and care we pour into our farm friends. These stickers do more than just stick; they tell a tale of companionship, kindness, and the simple pleasures of life on the farm.

Whether you're a lover of animals, a fan of farm life, or simply someone who appreciates the sweet things in life, the "Pasture Pals Sticker Series" is for you. Let Poppy & Petunia bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart, just as they do every day out in their beloved pasture.

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