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Kawaii Bath & Body Die Cut Sticker

Kawaii Bath & Body Die Cut Sticker

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Introduce a splash of joy and a touch of tenderness to your day with our "Soak & Soften Sticker Set," lovingly crafted to embody the spirit of our handmade bath and body products. Each sticker is a 2x2 inch symbol of the comfort and care that we infuse into every product we create.

The "Soak" sticker, featuring a gleeful bubble, mirrors the bubbly bliss of our aromatic bath bombs, while the "Soften" sticker, with its charming lotion bottle, represents the creamy indulgence of our moisturizing lotions. These durable, weatherproof, and waterproof stickers are just like our products: made to last and designed for delight.

As the creator of these mini masterpieces, I ensure each sticker is not only a durable piece of art but also a reflection of the quality and heart our brand stands for. They reflect the essence of our handmade products—crafted with attention, affection, and a touch of whimsy.

Take home the essence of our brand's nurturing ethos with the "Soak & Soften Sticker Set." Ideal for adorning your favorite self-care spaces, these stickers will remind you of the luxurious experience our products provide, making every usage a celebration of self-love.

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