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Good Morning Soap

Good Morning Soap

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Unveil a morning zest with our Energizing Morning Soap, harmoniously blending the invigorating notes of orange, lemon, and bergamot with refreshing whispers of basil, mint, and geranium.

This meticulously crafted soap is your perfect morning companion designed to rouse your senses and gear you up for the day ahead. As the sun heralds a new day, let the lively lather awaken your spirit, making mornings a delightful affair.

Each artisanal bar weighs approximately 4oz (113g). With a hand-cut touch, the actual weight may hold a gentle variance, showcasing the true hallmark of handcrafted love. The curated blend of ingredients includes Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic and Sustainably Grown Palm Oil, Water, Lye, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Sweet Almond Oil, and Skin-Safe Colorants.

Every petite batch springs to life at Honeybear Handcrafted in Texas, bearing the emblem of our artisanal integrity. Our handcrafted soaps are a homage to nature’s bounty, amalgamating natural, plant-derived oils that generate a luxurious lather while tenderly cleansing and nourishing your skin. Step out of the shower feeling cleansed, moisturized, and utterly pampered.

Adhering to FDA's safe manufacturing guidelines for bath and body products, we pour a wealth of expertise and love into each creation.

To relish an enduring soap companionship, nestle your soaps in a dry, aerated niche when not in use. If handling the full bar feels a tad too substantial, feel free to halve it. Your comfort is the muse behind our craft, and we endorse making this soap your own in every way!

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