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Cranberry & Peppermint Candle | Wood Wick

Cranberry & Peppermint Candle | Wood Wick

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Cranberry, Mint, Vanilla and a smidge of Musk

Cranberry & Peppermint are classic holiday scents.  Cranberry is the primary scent note in this candle the mint adds a layer of coolness and the vanilla adds some sweetness. Want to set the mood for your holiday party? This is the fragrance for you. 

Soy blend Wax with a wooden wick in a beautiful frosted glass container with silver lid.

8.5 ounces net weight, 3.5 inches tall, 2 inch square


When you are finished burning your candle you can clean out the tin and use it to store small items. That way you can help the environment and continue to enjoy this frosted glass container.
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