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Candlelight Charms Die Cut Stickers

Candlelight Charms Die Cut Stickers

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Illuminate your world with the Kawaii style "Candlelight Charms Sticker Series," a collection of enchanting stickers that capture the essence of our hand-poured, aromatic candles. Each sticker, approximately 2x2 inches, is a tribute to the loving craftsmanship that goes into creating candles that fill your space with delightful fragrances.

Crafted on weatherproof and waterproof sticker paper, these adorable emblems are as enduring as the lasting scents of our candles. Whether you choose to adorn your journal, laptop, or window, they bring a spark of joy and the promise of cozy comfort that a flickering candle provides.

Each design in the series—from the whimsical black candle with a glint in its wick to the creamy white candle radiating a soft glow—represents the meticulous attention to detail and quality ingredients that define our products. Created by me, these stickers do more than decorate; they narrate a story of passion and olfactory pleasure.

The "Candlelight Charms Sticker Series" invites you to share a slice of our candle-making tradition with every sticker you place. It's an invitation to experience the warmth and whole-house ambiance that our candles offer, in a sweet, stickable form. Perfect for candle enthusiasts and scent savants, let these stickers remind you of the simple pleasures and radiant warmth that our candles bring into your home.

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