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Valentine Box Set

Valentine Box Set

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We have a limited number of these cute Valentine Box Sets available! Product value $23.00. you get a ready to give gift, simply add a card and your set. We have these cute little gift boxes with magnetic closures if you prefer the set in this box or in the clear box.

Each box has:

1. Exfoliating Soap Loofah

2. Solid Lotion Bar

3. Artisan Soap

We have 3 scents to choose:

Drago is a masculine/unisex fragrance

Lavender & Sweet Orange is relaxing lavender scents

Sensual Pink is a sexy fragrance.


The Solid Lotion Bar and the Artisan Soap are coordinating for a bath time treat.

These are great gifts for a friend or a lover. All you have to do is pick up a card and you are all set.

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