Top 6 Benefits of Scented Candles

Top 6 Benefits of Scented Candles

Top 6 benefits of Scented Candles


Did you know there are benefits to using scented candles? If the answer is no then read on to find out the top 6 reasons to use a candle in your home or office.


1. Make your home smell good

We all love for our home to smell good and you can find candles everywhere. How do they help us? Scented candles can contribute to our wellbeing, they are relaxing and also have a calming effect on us. We often chose a candle because it smells good or reminds us of something. That adds to the calming or relaxing nature of scented candles.



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2. Make your home feel warm and Friendly

Fragrances make our home feel warm and friendly. We often spray an air freshener around our home. This will eliminate odors from cooking, pets and environmental smells. Scented candles keep the smell in your home longer. As the candle burns the fragrance is released. We are often nose blind to smells in our homes because we are exposed to those smells all the time. We may only notice them when we leave our home and return. When we have company we want our home to smell nice so we may light a candle. If you want your home to smell like you have been baking you might chose a scent like Banana Nut bread. There are thousands of fragrances available for candles and wax melts come see what we have in our store.



3. It’s a light source

A candle is also a light source. I live in Texas and this year we were without power for about a week in February. We used candles as a light source at night. It even provided some warmth for our hands. When you want to create a romantic ambiance for a special night use a candle. There are fragrances that are arousing and sensual, like Pink Sugar for example.


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4. Focal point

The flame of a candle can create a focal point for calming your mind as well. If you are trying to relax and take you mind off of the stress of the day you can light a candle and focus on the flame. Look at how it flickers, and moves, look at the shadows it makes on a surface. In the case of a wooden wick you can close your eyes and listen to the sound of the crackling. It can relax your mind and help you release the tension of the day.


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5. They are evocative
Scents are evocative as well. A scent may take you away to your favorite vacation location. It may evoke a treasured memory that makes you happy. Like remembering a time making smores over a camp fire with your family on a summer evening. Our memories are often linked to a smell. One of our scents has Pipe tobacco and it reminds me of my pepaw.  He smoked a pipe and his home always smelled like sweet pipe tobacco.



6. Personal touch

A candle can also create a personal touch to your home or office. Some people like to have a certain scent in their homes and you will associate that scent with the person. I associate Our Cotton Fields fragrance with my grandmother. It is a clean airy scent. She loved to open all the windows on nice days to bring the outside in.  


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Have you noticed a use for candles not listed here? Leave a comment and let us know. We would love to hear from you. Hopefully you enjoyed this blog, if you did the next post will be how to relax after work. Our blog tries to focus on content that promotes self-care. We are all busy and do not take time to care for ourselves so I want to give you content to help.
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