5 tips to prevent skin issues in the fall

5 tips to prevent skin issues in the fall

I don’t know about you but fall is my favorite time of year. When the leaves begin to change and the weather gets cooler it makes me want to live outside. The beautiful colors of fall area amazing to see. How does something change from green to a beautiful red or orange?

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While fall is my favorite time of year my skin does not like it when the weather begins to cool off. As the weather cools there is less moisture in the air. This leads to dryer skin. The heat in your home, car and at work reduces the moisture in the air even more which makes my skin feel itchy and dry. How do we counteract this problem? We have to change our skin care routine.


  1. Switch your moisturizer to a richer thicker formula. As the temperatures decrease the moisture in the air decreases as well. This means that our skin gets dryer. By adding a richer moisturizer to your skin care routine you will be giving your skin the moisture that it is losing from the environment.  As you begin to add layers to keep you warm you should start adding more moisture to your skin.

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  1. Change your cleanser. As weather changes switch to a more moisturizing cleanser. A Micellar water can be just the ticket for keeping your skin hydrated. Micellar water is purified water, glycerin and mild surfactants. This helps your skin retain its moisture.

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  1. Decrease exfoliation. In the cooler months our skin does not have as much moisture so exfoliation can cause more irritation to the skin. Exfoliation can create tiny cracks in the skin, so in winter months avoid exfoliation unless necessary.
  2. Add Humidification. Adding a humidifier to your home in the fall can replace the moisture that is lost in the air. Most home heating systems dry the air which increases the potential for dry itchy skin. When you start using your heater to keep warm add a humidifier to your space.

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  1. Finally, hydrate from the inside out. Drinking water is always a great way to help keep skin hydrated. In the winter when the air is dryer we need even more water to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized.


Hopefully this information will help you this fall. Thank you for reading. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this or if you have any additional information you would like to share.


Tonya (Honey)

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